We are live!

We are live!

Our brand new website is now live!

We can't quite believe it, as it has taken quite a while to get everything together.  The team and I are raring to go with all of our new letterbox gift boxes and we thank everyone who has made all of this possible, you have not only helped us, but also all of the other small business that we support by including their products in our boxes.

I started Happy Letterbox Gift Co. because I wanted to send a gift myself to a friend who had just started her own new business and I wanted to congratulate her but also send something she might find useful.  She was going to be on her feet all day in her new business and so I wanted to send something to pamper her - but all I could find were gift boxes full of really commercial products from big companies. 

I already ran a business where I came into contact with small producers of beautiful products and I thought why can't I find a gift box where all of these products can come together?  So I started to make them myself...and here we are, many months later and with a brand new website...I really hope you like it.


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